Dear Sangha-
It appears that Joko has chosen her dharma successor, Gary Nafstad, a long-time student and dharma heir. I haven't met Gary, but I have heard her talk about him with great affection. It is a wonderful decision that should prevent any controversy about her wishes. Here is the news from Deb Huntley, below:

Joko's natural successor is Gary Nafstad, and he comes already awake and full of love.
Joko introduced Gary to about 30 of us at her Zendo in Prescott, AZ this week. This is an exceptional case of one Zen master inviting another Zen master to work with her students, as she is getting ready to die. Gary is "the smartest person I know," says Joko, who just had her 93rd birthday! Gary calls Joko a "Living Treasure."

Gary understands Buddhadharma, Shakespeare, Newton and Eistein, and Martial Arts, and speaks with ease as he draws upon jewels he holds from all areas of life. He is a brilliant and accomplished man who needs nothing and knows the difference between knowledge and wisdom. There is no question or confusion about this. "He's it."

This is a wonderful thing -- you'll see it in the pictures.

all the best, Deb

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