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Mirror Mirror of My Heart

This week in Inquiry we did something different. We wrote a song.  But, actually, we did what we always do. We met intimately and allowed freedom to emerge from the connection. We know that practice is relational and that there is no freedom without intimacy, so practice is about meeting ourselves and each other in this way, over and over. We embody practice as we reflect on our deepest aspirations and receive our deepest aspirations reflected back to us from our teachers, spiritual friends,…


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Appamada is not just the occasional mindful thought or attentive state of mind, it’s actually a commitment to being attentive. It’s more than just a meditative state of mind, it’s more than just being mindful. It has to do with that primary ethical or moral orientation we have in life, with which we bring into being whatever activity we’re engaged in. Whether in formal meditation, in our interactions with other people, in our social concerns, or in our political choices, it’s the energetic cherishing of what we regard as good.

—Stephen Batchelor


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