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Dharma Heroin

In a recent inquiry group at Appamada, Flint was refrencing the chapter on Coming to Our Senses in Joko Beck’s book “Nothing Special”. In the chapter, Joko talks about the importance of staying grounded in the present moment as we experience it through our five senses and the engagement of functional thought.

As Flint gave his talk and as I listened to the exchanges taking place with those going up for inquiry, the words Dharma Heroin kept coming up in my mind. When it was my own… Continue

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December intensive sleep over?

Does anyone who's doing the Dec. intensive have a room I could stay in for the 3 nights of the retreat? Wondering if I can avoid family chaos or if that will be part of practice... Please reply directly to me:

Thank you! - Robin

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Buddha and Clare Graves' levels of existential development

Some of us in the sangha have been interested in Spiral Dynamics, based on the research of Clare Graves. I became curious about how the Spiral Dynamics model of human development—a model that applies to individuals as well as groups and whole societies—connected with the teachings of the Buddha. Graves developed his model based on over 30 years of research into the "psychologically mature human being,” and it has been enormously influential in many different fields: education, public policy,…


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Clayton's baby is here!

From: Clayton Maxwell

Date: November 3, 2009 11:01:04 PM CST


Subject: baby here

Dear Flint and Peg,

Just wanted to thank you for the gift of the Inquiry group in my weeks leading up to birth. Harry Maxwell Sloan was born last Friday. We had a wonderful natural birth, a real joy after having had a c-section with my first. I do think that hearing Joko's reading about melting (in our inquiry two days prior) helped me resist the… Continue

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Appamada is not just the occasional mindful thought or attentive state of mind, it’s actually a commitment to being attentive. It’s more than just a meditative state of mind, it’s more than just being mindful. It has to do with that primary ethical or moral orientation we have in life, with which we bring into being whatever activity we’re engaged in. Whether in formal meditation, in our interactions with other people, in our social concerns, or in our political choices, it’s the energetic cherishing of what we regard as good.

—Stephen Batchelor


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