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The Sinking Ship: Death & Dying & Chinese Medicine

It was Friday night, and Dan Jones was on his deathbed.  In his 70’s, riddled with pancreatic cancer, the five of us paid our respects with a 15 minute silent meditation.


Dan had been a skillful guide to my men’s group one Saturday in a straw bail house out past the Y in Oak Hill.  Seared in my mind is the memory of his haunting clear eyes and my hands gripping his outstretched index and middle fingers.  Intuitively, he asked,…


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I always wanted to write a letter to Joko...

I went to morning meditation today and was embraced with the heart of everyone's strong and sincere practice and the warmth of community. We shared the chants, bows, and a few words with Flint before he embarked on his journey to Hawaii. Someone spoke up and honored Joko by expressing their concern for how Peg and Flint would feel going into the retreat in Hawaii knowing that Joko would soon pass. Flint's response told of how this grief might work to allow deep connection with the…


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What I learned from a chameleon, or how to change without really trying

Here's something I wrote about Appamada's recent practice intensive: "A chameleon is a very naked animal. Unlike a dog, it has no fur to hide its bulges. A chameleon doesn’t seem to think things like: 'Am I too fat? Do I look old? Am I good enough?' A chameleon just is. No matter what, he is perfectly himself.” Read more:


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Trapped in the boundless infinity of love

November 29, 2010


You may have imagined this, or dreamed it,

how you somehow fell from its warm embrace

or slipped past its watchful eye.

Now lost and alone, you wander the world

like a stranger without a home. Or,

you peer wistfully into the windows of

other lives, convinced that they have somehow

been given the secret you were denied, the

rules of engagement, or the laws of attraction

or some well-thumbed book…


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Appamada is not just the occasional mindful thought or attentive state of mind, it’s actually a commitment to being attentive. It’s more than just a meditative state of mind, it’s more than just being mindful. It has to do with that primary ethical or moral orientation we have in life, with which we bring into being whatever activity we’re engaged in. Whether in formal meditation, in our interactions with other people, in our social concerns, or in our political choices, it’s the energetic cherishing of what we regard as good.

—Stephen Batchelor


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