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Nothing . . . and everything

My dear friend has decided she has borne enough pain in this life.  For the three years that I have known her, she has only been able to assimilate nutrients first through a feed tube inserted into her intestine and now through a tube inserted into her vein.  I don’t know the total length of time this has been going on or the agony that led up to these drastic measures.  But she has had enough and plans to receive no more nutrition intravenously starting tomorrow.  My friend is 34.  Words…


Posted on June 30, 2015 at 11:01am — 2 Comments


This morning I settled into my morning routine after the two and one half day Appamada full-time intensive.  At the end of my usual three-page journal entry I found myself writing, “So, now, what do I do/talk about?  The myriad of little activities I face this week?  My calm, easy feeling right now?  The clear grayish-blue sky with the lighter tinge at the horizon promising the day?  The deafening silence of the moment, an extraordinary occurrence?  The drip of the condensation off the…


Posted on September 24, 2012 at 9:59am

January 30, 2012 Journal Entry

I watched the pre-dawn sky

an illuminated white

punctuated by dark gray clouds

rising from below

and passing by from above.


creating the unknown,

perpetuating change

and impermanence.


ever-changing forms.

That is what I am

and ever will be

and ever have been—

as much as there is

an “I” to me.

Posted on January 31, 2012 at 6:30am — 3 Comments

Sally Weber and East Austin Studio Tour

I went by Sally Weber's to take her husband Craig Newswanger some custard.  Sally was rushing around  preparing for the East Austin Studio Tour this weekend and next.  Check the site for maps and events.  Sally's and Craig's site is #66.

Posted on November 9, 2011 at 3:12pm

On meditation--again!

In Inquiry yesterday Flint talked about meditation and what it is really all about.  I still don’t feel clear on it.  How can this be this hard?!  It is not about attainment, getting good at clearing the mind or reaching exalted states.  I think it is more about getting to know how your mind works within you—your foibles, tender spots, strengths, weaknesses, tendencies.  Practicing meditation is so I direct my mind instead of my mind directing me.


After journaling on…


Posted on November 9, 2011 at 8:10am

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At 2:48pm on October 29, 2013, Morgan Osmani said…

Hi Joan,

Also, if your son wants to email me, I can connect him with Ari at Castle Hill, he said he would be happy to leave a couple of free passes to his yoga classes at Castle Hill for your son to check out. 

At 12:04am on October 29, 2013, Morgan Osmani said…

Oops--I left the link off of the Castle Hill Schedule--Here you go--

At 12:03am on October 29, 2013, Morgan Osmani said…

Hi Joan,

I have no idea how to reply to messages on this system, so hopefully this is an ok method! 

I think your son might really enjoy Ari's yoga classes at Castle Hill. I know that's not quite in the neighborhood, but Ari is a great athlete who teaches very nurturing yoga classes geared towards runners and people who have other athletic interests. Here is a link to the schedule--Ari typically teaches Monday evenings at 715pm and Wednesday mornings at 6:30AM. Here is a link to the Castle Hill Schedule. 

Ari aslo teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays at Dane's Body Shop at 6:30 in the evening.

BFree Yoga (29th and San Gabriel) offers great classes as well, I think Omar's beginner series which runs once a month and is frequently listed on the website is worth going a little out of the way for:

Most of the studios I know if in the 360/620/2222 area are Bikram studios which pretty intense heated classes. 

One last place he might check out is Yoga Vida and specifically Mark, Kaley or Vic's classes there, the schedule is listed online at They are located off of 360 and Becaves Rd. which might be a fit both practice and location wise. 

Feel free to have your son email me at (morgan.osmani@heartmindbodyaustin) and I'm happy to help him find a match. 

Wishing you all the best!


At 3:41pm on October 23, 2013, kathryn coleman said…

Hi Joan, I was just thinking of you. It is getting cold now in Madison and I think you would like to see the changing colors. Maybe next fall you can come to Madison for the retreat! Kathryn

At 3:38pm on October 4, 2012, Chris Schulman said…

Hi Joan,

I'd forgotten that I never posted a profile pic. I just did so. Yes, we have talked a few times. I'll plan to come on Sunday (but don't count on it) and bring the DharmaCrafts zafu. If I don't make it, then next Tuesday.

At 5:00pm on December 2, 2011, Tabrez said…

Hi Joan,

I didn't see this message sooner. Thanks! It was great that the company was picked.

At 5:29pm on September 25, 2011, joan mueller said…

I found your listing and now will ask you to be my Appamada friend.

Joan MUeller

At 9:57am on August 22, 2011, Suzanne Kilkus said…
Oh, Joan,  when I feel into what you describe, I start to perspire.  My empathic response is automated to that kind of heat!  Your message clearly conveyed the concern for living in these conditions.  Being a "farm" girl I'm sad to hear of all of the agricultural losses and the suffering attached.  Much Metta action is needed, isn't it?  You are all in my heart and practice.  Much love.  Suzanne 
At 4:21pm on August 15, 2011, Suzanne Kilkus said…

Hi Joan,  I am on the site replying to a message from Todd and saw your bright shining

face!  I'm having a wonderful day having spent the morning getting some projects completed and then going for a bike ride and hike at a local conservancy - one I just rediscovered after 10 years.  That's a treat.  Todd said that it was very hot in Austin.  Doesn't sound like it is hiking and biking  temps.  -Last evening at meditation we talked about Appamada and so you all have been on my mind - actually you are never far from it.  Anyway, I came across to different translations of the word, Appamada, and so after meditating I used them as the object for some self study.  We had a great conversation from the experiences noted with each translation.  We're looking forward to Flint coming to lead a retreat for us in Nov.  That may be here sooner than I think as this summer has seemed to pass quickly.  I hope all is well with you.  Take care.  much love, Suzanne

At 5:25am on June 9, 2011, Suzanne Kilkus said…

Hi Joan,  I am so happy to hear from you and find this way to make contact.  I regreted not getting your email when I left the intensive.  I landed home 12 hours later and have been reconnecting with my grandchildren and returning to my work.  Much still lives in me from our week.  The weather here has been part of that as the heat and humidity followed me home, but I already had acclimated to it so it didn't seem so noticable!.

 I would enjoy keeping in touch.  Much love, Suzanne




Appamada is not just the occasional mindful thought or attentive state of mind, it’s actually a commitment to being attentive. It’s more than just a meditative state of mind, it’s more than just being mindful. It has to do with that primary ethical or moral orientation we have in life, with which we bring into being whatever activity we’re engaged in. Whether in formal meditation, in our interactions with other people, in our social concerns, or in our political choices, it’s the energetic cherishing of what we regard as good.

—Stephen Batchelor


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