Hi everyone,

I was listening to the recording of the last group on 1/4 and around 34:30 there is talk about a writer.  Lisa says something like "being mortal" and Peg says, "beautiful, beautiful, writer and references his pieces in the New Yorker.  I think I hear the name David Whyte but can't tell what is being referenced from the conversation.  Can anyone assist?

I miss you guys but am following along with the rest of the book.  I'll be with you in spirit.


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Hi David!  We miss you.  Say "hi" to Susan.

I was referring to Being Mortal:  Medicine and What Matters in the End, by Atul Gawande.

The Appamada Retirement Group is reading it.  It's beautifully written;  that's what Peg was referring to.

I highly recommend it.  It examines in depth the relationship between doctors, patients, and honesty in explaining consequences of decisions in cases where the patient really can't be fixed. He talks a lot about quality of life, and the importance of physician's asking their patients what it is they most hope for in their final years/days.

Thank you Lisa...

Hi David,

I'm glad to hear from you, please said hello to Susan from me and I miss you both of you.

I will.  Thanks Sandra.  I really miss you all.




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